Committees and Roles


Committees plan fundraising events, invite and educate new members, and develop service projects.
Contact Club President Chet Lewis if you are interested in volunteering for a committee:
[email protected]

Fundraising David Muhleck
Doug Kahl
Eric Trotochard
Organizes & conducts fundraising projects for the club
Membership and
Sue Petrisin
Diane Tubbs
Works with potential new members by introducing them to our mission & engaging them in club activities.
AuditDonald Horner Periodically reviews the club’s finances.
Programs Scott Greenlee   Communicates & schedules speakers/programs for our meetings.
Public Relations Sue Petrisin
Scott Greenlee  
Promotes the Kiwanis Club of East Lansing. Through print, TV & social media.
Youth Services Barbara Hollstein
Researches projects that support
the mission of Kiwanis.
Service Leadership
Dave Bueche   Circle K & Key Club & K Kids
Community ServiceDiane Tubbs
Oversees community service projects that benefit youths in the Greater Lansing Area.


Members also occupy special roles in the club, for which they assume particular responsibilities.

Role/ ResponsibilityMember
WebmasterNorb Kerr/ Diane Tubbs
Meeting InvocationBill Chynoweth
Guests & “Happy Bucks”Eric Rosekrans
InterclubsSue Petrisin/ Norb Kerr
Flag Project LeadersDur Efaw & Tom Fehrenback
Key Club AdvisorDave Bueche
Circle K AdvisorsLonnie Barnett (Club)
Sue Petrisin (Faculty)